Tuesday, March 3, 2009


With a new season comes new teammates, new races, new results, and new stories! Here's the link to follow the SugarCRM Women's Elite Team for 2009...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kristy Gough and Matt Peterson Memorial Ride

Memorial site for Kristy and Matt (photo courtesy of Garrett Lau

by Lucia Mokres
On October 18, a dedication ceremony took place to honor the memory of Kristy Gough (Third Pillar) and Matt Peterson (Roaring Mouse), who were tragically killed when a Sheriff’s Deputy struck them while riding through Steven’s Canyon last March. The memorial was hosted by the City of Cupertino, and several Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club- SugarCRM members turned out to show support, along with many other local cyclists.

We all rode from City Hall in Cupertino, past the site of the accident, to a small turnout in the road in which the memorial was built. Kristy and Matt’s families both gave extraordinarily moving speeches. After 6 short months, the devastation is no less poignant; each family member had their own way of expressing such an array of emotions, from sadness, to anger, and finally, to hope for those of us still out on the road.

The tears flowed freely as we thought about Kristy and Matt, and others we have lost.
It was also a time to reflect on how fragile our own lives are, and how important it is to take care of ourselves and each other both on the bike, and behind the wheel. One of Matt’s mother’s most striking remarks was how proud Matt was of his body--a vessel that had previously been a source of grief and became such a source of pride as he lost an extraordinary amount of weight and became strong and fast; and how shocking and unfair it was that this same body could not protect him from what was to come. We all may feel strong and invincible on the bike. Because we are self-aware on the bike we assume that others are aware of us. Yet, how many of us have taken our eyes off the road to answer a call, change the radio station, or driven while sleepy. The message of hope was that we stay safe, that we develop better traffic laws and relationships between motorists and cyclists, but most importantly, that we enjoy riding, our life, and the people in it to the fullest.

The dedication concluded with an unveiling of the memorial. A ghost bike, permanently installed and painted white, marks the site and is a meaningful way to attract attention of passing riders and drivers. A plaque sits at the foot of the bike, with the following inscriptions:

In Loving Memory of Kristy Gough
November 19, 1977 - March 9, 2008

Our hearts forever inspired byMatthew Wayne Peterson
June 4, 1978 - March 9, 2008

Though the circumstances are tragic, it was wonderful to see the cohesion between cyclists and the support of the community for cyclists and cycling safety. Thank you to the City of Cupertino for sponsoring the memorial, also to the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department, for providing support for the ride.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Sunday was the Benicia Town Race - a crit, with a nice roller on one side, and a downhill to a flat sprint finish. I liked the course, but last year I crashed out at this race in the 2nd to last corner and dislocated my shoulder, so I was a little wary of that. Once the race started though, I didn't think about the crash any more, my thoughts were only focused on getting a top three finish, in order to get the points I needed for my cat 1 upgrade.
We had a solid team - me, Mary Ellen, JV and Lori, and everyone knew what they had to do.
At the line....We wanted to get me into a break if possible, and if not, the plan was to set up a solid leadout for the final sprint. I went up the road with Mel Metzger in an early break, but we got pulled back in a few laps.
Karla off the front...
(photo courtesy of Paul Doran http://www.flickr.com/photos/vicarioussojourn/ )

The chase effort....
photo courtesy of Paul Doran ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/vicarioussojourn/ )

Then there was a counter attack and a break formed with Mary Ellen in it. Eventually that break came back too, and the field got antsy again. Lori and JV were doing a great job covering any moves that went without me.
Lori covering...
photo courtesy of Paul Doran ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/vicarioussojourn/ )

Then, there was a prime lap, and I decided to use it as a trial run for the final sprint. Since it's a long final straight, I stayed about 4th wheel after the last corner, and waited until I saw someone coming up behind me. I jumped into her draft and then sprinted around to take the prime. I think it was right on that lap that the next break was established. I was a bit cross-eyed after the prime, but I saw three fast ladies (Jane, Virginia, and Liza flying past me, so I did everything I could to get on that train.) I was so busy trying to hang onto a wheel, that I didn't quite notice we had a break, but then I looked back and the field wasn't there anymore. So off we went, a break of 6 (including 2 others that bridged across). We rode hard for a couple laps, but then settled down, and I knew my teammates in the field were doing everything they could to control it.As we came through the start/finish, I heard them ring the bell for another prime, and heard, "$175". So I thought to myself, "dang, that's a good bundle of cash, I would like to get that." Even though there were just a few laps to go, I decided to go for it. It was Jane and me battling it out down the final stretch in a really long sprint, and in the end, she got me by about a foot. Ooops. So I burned a lot of matches for nothing on that one. (After the race, I was told that it was actually $175 towards a VO2 test, NOT cash (!) Next time, I'll try to listen a little bit better).

Pretty soon it was 2 laps to go, and it was time to think about sprinting. I sat 4th wheel until the last corner, behind Jane, Virginia, and Liza. Around the final corner, Liza moved up on the outside and led out the sprint. With a couple hundred meters to go, I jumped and sprinted hard, just barely beating Jane to the line. It was a great win for me and the team, and got me the rest of the points I needed for the upgrade. It's now been submitted, and I'm just waiting for it to be official...Thanks so much to my team - they all were totally committed to helping me win the race, and we pulled it off! To put the cherry on top, Mary Ellen won the field sprint out of the main field for a 7th place finish as well. Nice work everyone!
Women's podium L-R, Virginia Perkins 3rd, Karla 1st, Jane Despas 2nd
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

GIRO...TOP 10!

The Giro landed on a perfect day - the weather was gorgeous, but for a variety of reasons, much of our team wasn't able to make it to the race. So it was just JV and me toeing the start line. And JV had let me know before the race that she wasn't feeling well - upset stomach, stress - but I knew that she would do what she could.

The field was probably the most stacked "local" field we've had all year - Christine Thorburn and Karen Brem of Webcor, Brooke Miller and her Tibco squad, Sarah Bamberger and Stacy Marple from Cheerwine, Kat Carroll (Aaron's), Martina Patella (VAC) Shelley Olds, Virginia and a few more Proman, along with Vanderkitten Liz and Mary, a squad of Code 3 riders, Dolce Vita, and a bunch more strong ladies.
Start line Giro di San Francisco (photo courtesy of Garrett Lau http://flickr.com/photos/garrettlau/ )

The race started out fast and stayed fast - never a dull moment! The course was also great, 6 corners, a slight rise, and LOTS of rough pavement. My strategy was to mark wheels of the other pros that were there without a team - since it was just JV and I, I knew we wouldn't want to use much energy chasing or attacking - I tried to just be in the right place at the right time. At one point during the race, we were coming into turn one, and a guy rode his bike off the sidewalk directly into the front of our peloton. I think just about everyone was screaming, and he somehow didn't get hit. Unfortunately, a few girls went down as a result - I hope you're all OK!
Karla holding position at the front (photo courtesy of Garrett Lau http://flickr.com/photos/garrettlau/ )

In the second half of the race Christine Thorburn launched herself off the front of the pack alone and put on a time trialing clinic. She is incredible! In the last few laps the field was chasing really hard, and I was working really hard to hold my position. It came down to the end of the last lap - around the final corner, I was about 5th wheel, and we took off sprinting. Martina won, catching Christine in the final fifty meters, but Christine managed to hang on for 4th. I came across the line in 6th, and we were quite happy with that, considering the caliber of the field. JV rode strong for the entire race, and stuck with the field, even feeling sick! She was caught near a crash (hope you heal up quickly, Shelley!) in the final lap - fortunately she didn't go down, but she lost momentum, and didn't contest the sprint. It was a really fun and aggressive race, and I loved the course! Now we're looking forward to the Twilight Crit.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Karla and ME ventured to nationals, both finishing in the top half of the field. You can read Karla's report here...karlajanekingsley.blogspot.com


Carrera de San Rafael....what a party, what a race...we'll definitely be back every year.
Mary Ellen-8th

The team rode a very solid race with everyone focused on using their strengths smartly. The race started with a decent pace and a flurry of attacks. Early on three riders were off the front, I moved to the front and chased. Just as we caught them a Proman rider attacked with Karla on her wheel (good job Karla being in position and ready to follow the counter attack)..and the winning break was launched. Karla in the initial break (photo courtesy of Garrett Lau http://garrettlau.smugmug.com/

With Karla up the road, I focused on covering attacks and chase attempts. Shelley from Proman jumped, myself and Yukie from Kenda tried to go with her but couldn't match her speed. As the field caught myself and Yukie, I drifted back a bit to recover and Helene from Proman attacked and immediately had a gap. Unfortunately, this resulted in two more Proman riders making it to the break. Karla did a great job in the break though and took 5th in the sprint. At this point I focused on staying toward the front to help protect the break and allow ME to conserve for the final sprint. Sitting second wheel for the rest of the race, ME just waiting for her moment! (photo courtesy of Garrett Lau http://garrettlau.smugmug.com/)

On the backside in the final lap I went to the front in the hopes of providing ME a good lead out. I went as hard as I could, tried not to lose any speed in the corners, came through the final turn still at the front and started to sprint. ME came around just before the line to win the field sprint and 8th overall. I held on taking second in the field sprint and 9th overall.Mary Ellen and myself taking 1-2 in the field sprint....you can just see my foot behind ME...probably a good thing since I don't think my sprinting face is all that pretty (photo courtesy of Garrett Lau http://garrettlau.smugmug.com/)

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Sunday, August 10, 2008


We are so proud of our teammate Kim Fong, the current U23 District Road Race Champion...here's her report...

Fort Ord, a race of attrition if there ever was one. The U23 women were racing with the 1/2/3 women's field for the NCNCA district road race championships in each of our respective categories. Technically, I wasn't racing against all the "oldies" (don't take offense if you're over 23--you're just older than me), but I was still looking forward to racing against all of the women not in my category, just to see where my fitness was at. 6 laps of the infamous Fort Ord course, slightly changed from the year before to include a lollipop turnaround less than 15 minutes from the start and another 180 degree turnaround on the out-and-back section. One nice long pedaling descent before a sharp, quick lefty into the hill.

Things mostly stayed together for the first two laps. Then, on the third lap, Touchstone decided it was time to get something going. Kelly M. threw in a good attack but it was brought back; Maria M. threw in a good attack and it was also brought back. And then, on the climb, Olivia D. got a decent gap, taking the solitary Jazz Apple woman with her. The field was content to let them sit about 500 meters off the front for a few miles but wouldn't let anyone else off. The gap yo-yo'ed a bit, the hill took its victims, and by the fifth lap, there were only 9 of us in the front group (2 Touchstone, 2 Proman, Metromint, TIBCO, Erin and me). Touchstone did a great job blocking, and a concerted effort to bring back the break never formed despite Mary Ellen and Erin's valiant efforts on the front; eventually it had 4 minutes on us. On the last time up the hill, I nearly popped, but managed to convince myself that the race was in front of me and hung on to the Touchstone climbing train led by Maria M. Six of us crested the top together (2 Touchstone, TIBCO, Mel from Proman, Amanda Eaken from Metromint, and me). In the last 300 meters, Maria M. attacked from the back. I hopped on her wheel and came around her in the last 75 meters, but I was no match for Mel Metzger's wicked uphill sprint and took 2nd in the field sprint for 4th overall. I was stoked to have survived the race with such a strong group of women (a bunch of climbers, no less)! And the Women's U23 District Road Race title was icing on the cake. I had fun racing with such awesome women and teammies (Erin 10th and ME)!
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Kim has also made her presence known at the U23 National Championships taking 7th in the road race and 14th in the criterium. Great work Kim!